How to make Gmail fetch emails from your server more frequently

When adding your new domain email, for example to your Gmail account, you may notice that Gmail takes a while to fetch the email from the server. This occurs because Gmail’s fetching time is dynamically based on the volume of incoming mail on the account. (Busy accounts are fetched more frequently). To improve Gmail’s fetching frequency, there a few tricks you can use.

  1. Clicking the refresh link ↻ at the top of your Gmail inbox will fetch messages from any POP accounts which you have set up. 
  2. Regularly send emails to your new domain email eg. account to teach Gmail that it needs to fetch emails more frequently.
  3. Add Gmail POP3 Auto Refresh extension to the browser you use to login into your Gmail account

Using the methods above, will help improve Gmail’s fetch response time so you can receive your emails faster in your Gmail inbox.

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